Rhys Nicholson: Forward



Underbelly, George Square, Edinburgh

In what can only be described as an oblong black box on Underbelly, Rhys Nicholson introduces a welcome splash of colour. With his red hair, pale skin and flamboyant clothing, he’s keen to let us know about his unconventional life in all its endless variety. He hails from Newcastle, Australia (strangely enough the same home town as Sarah Kendall, another Aussie comedian doing well at this year’s Fringe) and at twenty five, his main preoccupations are sex, Tony Abbott and making collages. He’s quick to let us know that tonight, the conversation will be a decidedly adult one, or as he likes to call it ‘climbing aboard the filth train.’

He has a nice line in pithy, self-deprecating remarks and quickly has the audience on his side, milking the laughs skilfully. He’s consistently funny throughout, even if his material is more entertaining than challenging and he maintains a lively rapport with his punters. There’s no particular standout routine here, though his recollections of being ‘politely mugged’ raise the night’s biggest laughs. As the Fringe noses into its last few days, this show is a good bet for early evening laughs, before you descend into the madness of booze, music and fireworks.

Oh yes. He has a sideline in making novelty bow ties and sausage dog brooches, which he offers for sale after the event.

4 stars

Philip Caveney


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