About us

Bouquets & Brickbats is a collection of critical reviews, written by two ardent fans of theatre, film, comedy and food.

PHILIP CAVENEY is a professional writer. His first novel was published in 1977. Since then, he has written over fifty books for both adults and children. He has also worked as a film and theatre reviewer for Manchester’s Piccadilly Radio and for City Life magazine. His Sebastian Darke adventures have been published in twenty countries around the world and, in 2012, his novel Night On Terror Island won the Brilliant Books award. He also writes as Danny Weston: The Piper won the 2016 Scottish Children’s Book Award and The Haunting of Jessop Rise was nominated for the 2018 Carnegie Medal, as well as short-listed for the Scottish Teenage Book Prize. Look out for his latest books: Stand and Deliver by Philip Caveney, and A Hunter’s Moon by Danny Weston.

SUSAN SINGFIELD is a drama teacher with qualifications from a range of universities in English, Theatre Studies, Creative Writing, German and Education. She has taught Drama, English, Theatre Studies and Media Studies in the UK, Germany and the USA. She is currently working as an associate teacher for The Drama Studio in Edinburgh.

“We work as a team. We attend each event together and afterwards we discuss what we have seen in detail, weighing up the various merits and shortcomings. Only then, does one of us elect to write the actual review, which incorporates both responses and helps ensure a measured, considered appraisal.”

If you have a project you would like us to review, contact us by email at bouquetsbrickbatsreviews@gmail.com or on Twitter @BBrickbats.

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