Margarita Dreams


Underbelly Med Quad, Edinburgh

Margarita Dreams is essentially a series of comedy sketches, tied together with a loose narrative. The conceit is simple: Dave (Jason Brasier) is on holiday in Mexico. On the beach, he drinks a few too many margaritas and falls asleep. What ensues is the product of a tequila-and-sun-soaked brain, all fevered imaginings and absurd nonsense.

There are a few standout moments: Jack Baxter’s song about string theory is enjoyably silly, and Bella Speaight’s ill-fated assignation with Brad Pitt is also nicely played.

But, in all honesty, the piece doesn’t really work as a whole. The dreams are curiously flat and it all feels a bit one-note. The jokes, by themselves, are rather weak, and I suspect they need much bigger, more exaggerated performances to make them fly. The actors are clearly giving it their best shot, but there isn’t much of substance for them to work with here. As it stands, there’s a whiff of the end-of-term show about it – and disco dancing isn’t funny in and of itself. There’s clearly some promise in this piece, and maybe it’ll grow with the run, but right now it’s landing somewhat wide of its mark.

2.5 stars

Susan Singfield

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