Quartermile Edinburgh

Tucked away amidst the confusion of building work currently taking place on The Quartermile, it would be very easy to overlook the Nanyang. This bustling contemporary restaurant offers an interesting take on Malaysian cuisine and is well worth seeking out. The friendly staff are attentive and once we’ve ordered, the food arrives quickly and is handsomely presented.

There are four of us to dine, so we each choose an appetiser, deciding that we will share them out between us. They comprise Vegetable Rolls, served with a sweet and sour sauce, Curry Puffs, (filled pastry parcels) accompanied by peanut sauce; Crispy Won Tons (again with sweet and sour sauce) and King Prawn Dumplings with soy. All the appetisers are nicely cooked, the curry puffs particularly satisfying with their spicy potato filling.

The main courses also arrive promptly. There’s a Beef Rendang, powerfully spiced and fragrant, rich with the flavour of coconut and served with a bowl of sticky coconut rice – Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion, the beef succulent and tender, is served with thick, earthy noodles – a Mee Goring (fried noodles with grilled chicken and a Nasi Goring (fried rice with chicken) are both selected from the ‘Malaysian Street Food’ menu and I’m asked, when ordering, if I require it spicy or not. I opt for spicy (and by golly it is!) Keith chooses the milder option, yet still reports that his Mee Goring is ‘on the hot side.’). The only slight disappointment with these two dishes is that they are traditionally served with a fried egg on top, but in both cases, the yolks have solidified and you really do want that yolk spilling down over the mound of spicy rice or noodles.

This is perhaps a minor niggle. The food is otherwise cooked to perfection and the generous portions mean that we have no room left to sample one of the (largely coconut based) puddings. With the meal, we drink a bottle of sauvignon blanc and I have a couple of bottles of Tiger beer (it would be nice to see this available on draught, I think.) The bill for four comes to a very reasonable £99.

Would I eat here again? Most certainly. The building work will eventually be done with and then, I suspect, it will be a case of booking early to secure a seat.

4.6 stars

Philip Caveney

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