Man in the Miracle



Laughing Horse @ Moriarty’s, Edinburgh

We’re not sure what to expect when we descend the steps at Moriarty’s to see Tommy Holgate’s show and, quite honestly, even when it’s over, we’re still not quite sure what we’ve seen. Is he for real? “One reviewer thought, early on, that this was a character act,” he says, looking genuinely bemused. Is this a double bluff? Or… is this really who he is?

We do the Google searches afterwards, and most of what he claims is verifiable: he really is an ex-Sun journalist; he really is ‘Tommy-Lottery’ – and ‘Tommy-Handbike’ too. But is he really a coconut oil and spinach loving meditator, who hears messages from the Archangel Gabriel?

Actually, I think that he’s sincere about it all.

He’s an incredibly likeable chap, giving the fly-ridden basement an easy, friendly vibe. He tells us stories of… well, I’m not quite sure. Stories about working for The Sun, talking to Rebekah Brooks, planting healing crystals in places where they might just reach Murdoch. He tells us to eat spinach, connect with nature, to greet the world with love.

I don’t know what it all amounts to, nor where all his zeal will lead, but he’s a refreshingly engaging speaker, and an hour in his company is an hour that you’ll enjoy.

3.5 stars

Susan Singfield

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