John Jarratt

Wolf Creek 2



Released in 2005, Wolf Creek was a slightly above average slice-and-dice adventure, set in the Australian outback. In the decade that has elapsed since then, the public’s appetite for this kind of vehicle has declined somewhat, all of which makes the imaginatively titled Wolf Creek 2 one of the least anticipated sequels of all time. Once again, John Jarratt stars as Mick Taylor (no, not that Mick Taylor!) a sort of cross between Barry McKenzie and Ed Gein, a chap who remains resolutely likeable even as he’s slicing off your fingers. In the pre credit sequence, he pretty much sets out his stall by brutally murdering two cops who have had the temerity to serve him with a speeding ticket. Now that’s terse.

From there, the film pretty much divides itself into three sections.

Section one – two good looking German backpackers, Katerina and Rutger meet up with Mick in the middle of nowhere and suffer the brutal (and rather predictable) consequences. Katerina however manages to escape and is ‘rescued’ by English traveller Paul (Ryan Corr.)

Section two – Mick goes after Paul and Katerina and a lengthy car chase ensues amidst some (admittedly stunning) Australian landscapes. Unfortunately, director Gary McLean isn’t George Miller and this isn’t a patch on Mad Max, which pretty much set the bar for this kind of thing. Paul goes through hell and back but is finally captured.

Section three – the part that nearly redeems the entire movie. Paul and Mick play a particularly gruesome version of Trivial Pursuit. I say, ‘nearly’ redeems it, but unfortunately the sequence goes on far too long and just becomes flat out silly in the final twenty minutes. As a halfhearted gesture to the changing times, Mick chooses predominantly male victims this time around and it’s clear throughout that he isn’t a very nice fellow but that doesn’t make this any less nasty and salacious. An end credit suggestion, claiming that the storyline is based on actual events, should I think, be taken with a whole truckload of salt. Only one thing’s for certain. This isn’t going to do the Australian tourist board any favours whatsoever.

2.1 stars

Philip Caveney