It Started With Jason Donovan



New Town Theatre, George Street, Edinburgh

It started with Jason Donovan is an odd little show – amusing, sweet, ridiculous and fun. It’s essentially a monologue, interspersed with dance and song, where ‘shaker, movement-maker’ Sarah Blanc reveals the story of her troubled love life.

The premise is this: an early crush on Jason Donovan meant that Blanc formed an unrealistic view of what to expect from relationships, based on JD’s cheesy song lyrics and the “perfect” Scott-Charlene marriage.

Blanc presents this as a self-help lecture, illustrated with tales from her own dating disasters, all charmingly and self-deprecatingly told.

She’s an engaging performer, and the audience tonight is most definitely on her side, willingly participating in a range of scenes. It’s a little ramshackle, but Blanc works this to her advantage, and the show certainly succeeds in making us laugh.

OK, so there’s not a lot of substance here. Most of the humour comes from deliberately dodgy dancing (though there’s clearly a ‘proper’ dancer behind those funny moves) and over- frequent costume changes; it’s a bit like a Cosmo article: ‘Seven Ways to Keep Your Man.’ It’s fluffy, whimsical stuff – but, you know what, Kylie? I liked it.

3.2 stars

Susan Singfield

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